Initiation Reports


TraceSafe inc. wears it well

TraceSafe inc. (CNSX:TSF) is a technology company that has rapidly become a market leader in...

on 29/9/20
Industry & services

Newmark Security: Clocking on

Newmark Security (AIM:NWT) specialises in products and services in the security and data...

on 28/9/20

Three Discoveries in Three Years

IronRidge Resources Ltd (LON:IRR) is an AIM-listed exploration company with a portfolio of gold...

on 23/9/20

Building the Next Large-Tier Royalty Business

Nomad Royalty is a TSX-listed precious metals-focused mining royalty and streaming business with...

on 21/9/20



TomCo Energy - Oil sands opportunity is alluring

TomCo (LON:TOM) is an oil & gas exploration and production company which operates in the...

2 weeks, 4 days ago

Open Orphan: Firm foundations for growth laid in H1

In the six-month period to June 2020, ORPH focused on integration and restructuring following...

1 month ago

Enteq Upstream: on track, looking to the future

Enteq Upstream PLC (LON:NTQ) recently released its annual general meeting (AGM) statement, with...

1 month ago

Analyst Interviews

Panther Metals are 'generating chunky and meaningful news' looking 'very...

Mining Capital's (LON:PALM) Alastair Ford talks to Proactive London about Panther Metals which he says 'is a company to watch'. He says the company are "generating chunky and meaningful news' and it's looking 'very promising'. He highlights the strength of the team which includes Ariana...

1 week ago